March 2015

Mayeta Clark 2015

Human antibodies fix complement to inhibit Plasmodium falciparum invasion of erythrocytes and are associated with protection against clinical malaria

March 17, 2015

Antibodies play major roles in immunity to malaria; however, a limited understanding of mechanisms mediating protection is a major barrier…

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The effect of dose on the antimalarial efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine: a pooled analysis of individual patient data

March 15, 2015

The paper highlights underdosing of lumefantrine in young children and has also been incorporated into the latest WHO Antimalarial Therapeutic Guidelines.

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Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Plasmodium falciparumby Amplification of Multi-Copy Subtelomeric Targets

March 3, 2015

This manuscript describes the development of a novel PCR method for detecting ultra low-density P. falciparum infections previously not detectable by any other method but contributing to ongoing transmission.

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