First round of ACREME Seed Grants Awarded

October 11, 2018

ACREME Seed Grants are aimed at funding collaborative pilot research projects that fall within the centre’s themes of malaria surveillance, diagnostics, and treatment. A strong component of the ACREME collaboration is to build new research capability and capacity. ACREME is pleased to announce our first round of Seed Grants have been awarded to the following project teams:

Applicants: Pengxing Cao (lead), Kinley Wangdi, James McCaw, Archie Clements, Julie Simpson, Freya Fowkes, Nick Scott

Project Title: Developing a multiscale model combining both within-host and population level information to predict the emergence and spread of antimalarial resistance


Applicants: Angela Devine (lead), Alyssa Barry, Leanne Robinson, Moses Laman, Sarah Auburn

Project Title: The cost-effectiveness of molecular epidemiology to inform malaria control program decision-making: a scoping exercise.


Applicants: Gaoqian Feng (lead), David Price, Julia Cutts, Elizabeth Aitken, James Beeson, Freya Fowkes, Julie Simpson

Project title: Understanding RTS,S immunity to inform vaccine implementation and design an improved pre-erythrocyte stage vaccine to facilitate malaria elimination


Applicants: Rhea Longley (lead), Herbert Opi, Ivo Mueller, James Beeson

Project title: Novel serological markers for surveillance of both P. vivax malaria exposure and immunity


Congratulations to all of the Seed Grant recipients – we look forward to hearing about the evolution of your exciting projects!

SEED Grant