Kamala Thriemer awarded $1.25 million CSL Fellowship

November 11, 2019

Kamala Thriemer (Menzies School of Health Research) was recently awarded a $1.25 million CSL Fellowship, which she will use to develop and optimise treatment programs for vivax malaria in South East Asia and the Horn of Africa. The Fellowships were presented in Perth at the Australian Academy for Health and Medical Research Gala Dinner on 10 October 2019.

Kamala has led large clinical trials in malaria-affected countries to tackle vivax malaria, which infects 14 million people every year and is the most geographically widespread malaria parasite to infect humans. P. vivax can hide in the liver and re-emerge months later.

Kamala’s¬†studies have shown that as few as one in ten patients successfully complete the long course of treatment required to prevent relapses. Kamala¬†is confident that vivax malaria can be controlled using the suite of drugs currently available.


You can read more about the Fellowships here.

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