Optimising primquine treatment regimens for paediatric vivax malaria

August 26, 2022


  • Dr Brioni Moore, Senior Research Fellow, Curtin Medical School
    Dr Brioni Moore joined the Curtin Medical School (previously School of Pharmacy, 2016-2019) as a Senior Research Fellow in March 2016.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) with Honours Class 1 from Curtin University (2000-2003).  After completing a PhD in the School of Pharmacy, Curtin University (2010) under the supervision of Prof. Kevin Batty and Mr. Jeff Jago, Brioni accepted a position with the School of Medicine and Pharmacology (University of Western Australia) as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. In this role she moved to Papua New Guinea to manage collaborative research trials in antimalarial pharmacology, between the PNG Institute of Medical Research and University of Western Australia.  In 2012, Brioni was awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowship (International; CJ Martin) which saw her continue her research in clinical antimalarial pharmacology in PNG. In 2016, Brioni returned to the School of Pharmacy, Curtin University, in the position of Senior Resarch Fellow. In 2019 Brioni became a Program Lead (Infectious Disease Clinical Pharmacology) at the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute.