Charles Narh


Charles did his PhD at University of Melbourne in Prof. Karen Day’s Lab, Bio21 Institute. His PhD project has contributed to our understanding of the evolution of drug-resistance genes in the Plasmodium falciparum reservoir of infections in Ghana, Africa. After submitting his thesis, Charles worked with Prof. Wai-Hong Tham at WEHI to help set up Illumina sequencing and Bioinformatic protocols to study the nanobody repertoire in alpacas. He is now part of the Malaria and Tropical diseases Group at the Burnet Institute, working as a postdoc with Prof. Jack Richards. Charles is currently developing molecular diagnostic tools for malaria, hepatitis and other NTDs. In addition, he is collaborating with colleagues in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Asian Pacific to integrate genomics, population genetics and drug-resistance data into malaria surveillance programmes.