Daniel Pfeffer


Daniel Pfeffer is a PhD candidate at the Menzies School of Health Research, supervised by Prof. Ric Price (Menzies), Prof. Archie Clements (Curtin University), Dr. Benedikt Ley (Menzies) and Dr. Rosalind Howes (University of Oxford). His project involves systematically mapping the populations at risk of primaquine-induced haemolysis due to G6PD deficiency (G6PDd). Daniel’s research seeks to improve understandings of the role of temporal and assay-based variability on G6PDd diagnosis and to provide new maps and burden estimates of the prevalence and spatial distribution of G6PDd among populations at risk of malaria. Together, this will improve the available risk-benefit data necessary to implement widespread, safe and effective primaquine radical cure of Plasmodium vivax.