James Beeson


Prof. James Beeson is Deputy Director at the Burnet Institute, and Head of the Malaria Immunity and Vaccine Group, and an adjunct professor at Monash University (Deputy Director (People); Head of Malaria Immunity and Vaccines Laboratory; Adjunct Professor Monash University). James is a public health physician and has worked in malaria research in South East Asia and East Africa for many years. A major focus of his research is aimed at understanding the targets and mechanisms of protective immunity in humans, and using this knowledge to advance vaccine development and evaluation. He is also involved in evaluating and strengthening strategies for malaria control, approaches to enhance malaria surveillance, and operational research in Papua New Guinea. At ACREME, James and his group will i) develop and evaluate malaria sero-surveillance approaches, including the development and evaluation of simple low-cost point-of-contact devices for field applications, ii) evaluate health services and malaria treatment and prevention in Papua New Guinea, iii) determine the impact of changes in malaria epidemiology on malaria immunity and risk, and iv) evaluate immunity induced by vaccines and identify correlates of protection.

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