Paul Agius


Paul is an applied biostatistician and public health researcher/epidemiologist. Paul is the senior statistician and a Burnet Senior Fellow at the Burnet Institute and is responsible for quantitative research and biostatistics across the Institute’s principal disciplines: Public Health, Life Science (Biomedical Research) and International Development. In addition to this, Paul is an adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne.  Paul has an emerging substantive and applied methodological interest and track record in Malaria epidemiology – statistical modelling across areas such as trial based effectiveness of topical repellent on Plasmodium spp. infection, immune response and function to RTS,S vaccination in trial cohorts and causal modelling of proximal effects of malaria infection and its antecedents using large scale trial data. Paul has diverse training in the key disciplines of Social Sciences (BA and post-graduate diploma, La Trobe University) and Statistics (MSc, Swinburne University) which has enabled him to develop independent, innovative ideas and methodologies to complete major research projects involving large scale sophisticated analyses of randomized control trials, prospective cohorts and studies employing complex cross-sectional probability sampling; across public health and basic science settings.