Peter Gething


Pete Gething is the Kerry M Stokes AC Chair in Child Health and Professor in Epidemiology at Curtin University and Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, Western Australia. With a background in geospatial modelling and epidemiology, he has worked on malaria and other vector borne disease since 2002. He leads the Malaria Atlas Project (MAP), an international collaboration providing geospatial intelligence on global malaria epidemiology and control and his group is also the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Geospatial Modelling.



  • Associate Professor Nick Golding, Research Fellow
  • Dr Punam Amratia, Honorary Research Associate
  • Dr Susan Rumisha, Honorary Research Associate
  • Dr Ewan Cameran, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Tasmin Symons, Honorary Research Associate
  • Dr Su Yan Kang, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Tianxiao (August) Hao, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Gerry Ryan, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr David Duncan, Senior Infectious Disease Modeller
  • Dr Saras Windecker, Research Fellow
  • Dr Kate Senior, Research Fellow
  • Dr Song Zhang, Research Officer
  • Dr Nicholas Tierney, Research Software Engineer
  • Dr Adam Saddler, Research Officer
  • Dr Francesca Sanna, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Jailos Lubinda, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Annie Browne, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Michaell McPhail, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Paulina Dzianach, Senior Research Officer
  • Tara Boyhan, Research Assistant
  • Adrian Redpath, Research Assistant
  • Thomas Nguyen, Research Assistant
  • Twatasha Chikolwa, Research Assistant
  • Yuval Berman, Research Assistant
  • Tolu Okitikia, Senior Program Manager
  • Natasha Stretton, Program Coordinator
  • Mark Connell, Research Assistant
  • Joe Harris, Senior Analyst Programmer
  • Camilo Vargas, Lead Data Engineer
  • Sarah Connor, Analyst Programmer
  • Jen Rozier, Senior Geographic Information Systems Specialist
  • Mauricio van den Berg, Analyst Programmer
  • Fanny Lefert, Front End Developer