Sarah A. Cassidy-Seyoum


Sarah has been working in the malaria world since obtaining her MSc in the Control of Infectious diseases in 2017. She is passionate about reducing the burden malaria causes and continues to support the elimination of malaria as a Menzies School of Health Research PhD candidate since August 2021. She is under the supervision of A/Prof Professor Kamala Ley-Thriemer (Menzies), A/Prof. Nora Engel (Maastricht University), Dr. Benedikt Ley (Menzies), Prof. Ric Price (Menzies), Michelle Hsiang (UCSF), Lorenz von Seidlein (MORU), and Bipin Adhikari (MORU).

As a recipient of the Charles Darwin International PhD Scholarship and part of the EFFectiveness Of novel approaches to Radical cure with Tafenoquine and primaquine (EFFORT) trial, Sarah is investigating factors affecting the scale up and roll out of vivax malaria radical cure interventions within the context of malaria elimination.