An external quality assurance program for PCR assays to quantify parasitaemia across laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region

Project Description

PCR-based techniques for the diagnosis and quantification of human malaria infections are more sensitive and precise than standard microscopy methodology. These methods are ideal for controlled human malaria infection (CHMI) clinical trial settings and increasingly used in field surveillance programs. With the increased use of these approaches there is a need to ensure the malaria infection quantification is comparable across laboratories. This study will first evaluate current practice of laboratories where our investigators are involved in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua, Indonesia and PNG) and will provide an external quality assurance program to ensure equivalence of PCR Pf18s assays across the participating laboratories.

Other team members: Jutta Marfurt, Stacey Llewellyn, Emma Ballard, Claire Wang, Louise Marquart

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