Super-resolution fluroescence imaging of rhoptries reveals essential role for PfCERLI1 in Plasmodium falciparum merozoite invasion of erythrocytes

August 26, 2022



  • Dr Sonja Frolich, NHMRC Grant-Funded Researcher, The University of Adelaide
    Sonja graduated with first class Honours in Biotechnology at University of Technology Sydney in 2010. She then pursued her PhD training in Molecular Parasitology in 2011, and worked in the iThree Institute (i3) with Prof. Michael Wallach on an ARC funded Linkage grant with the veterinary pharmaceutical company Teva (former ABIC, Israel) to characterize the mechanisms of Eimeria maxima oocyst wall formation for interrupting parasitic disease of poulty, coccidiosis. Following her PhD studies in 2014, she was offered a junior academic position in the Climate Change Cluster (C3, UTS) to work with Prof. Peter Ralph and Ass/Prof. Stella Valenzuela on an ARC funded Linkage project grant with GE Health to establish protein expression platform in green algae Chlamydomonas.