Designing chloroquine dosing regimens for COVID-19 clinical trials

29 April 2020: Prof. Ric Price and Prof. Julie Simpson


Malaria in Pregnancy: an update

13 May 2020: Prof. Stephen Rogerson


An update on malaria vaccines

27 May 2020: Prof. James Beeson


Clinical trials to improve radical cure of P. vivax

11 June 2020: Dr. Kamala Thriemer


Hidden P. vivax and P. falciparum biomass in the human spleen: Implications in malaria elimination

24 June 2020: Dr. Steven Kho


Basic spatial analysis and modelling

08 July 2020: Dr Kinley Wangdi


STRIVE PNG: Stronger surveillance for vector-borne disease

05 August 2020: A/Prof Leanne Robinson


Developing evidence-based policy options to strengthen vector-borne disease surveillance and response in Papua New Guinea: A baseline health facility assessment

19 August 2020: Ms Rachael Farquhar and Mr Zebedee Kerry


Bhutan’s journey towards malaria elimination- a qualitative analysis

19 August 2020: Ms Sonam Peldon


Within-host modelling of malaria: Showcase 

02 September 2020: Dr Sophie Zaloumis, Dr Saber Dini, Dr Pengxing Cao


Cost-effectiveness modelling and malaria

16 September 2020: Dr Angela Devine


Parasite genomic surveillance in the control and elimination of malaria

30 September 2020: A/Prof Alyssa Barry


Evaluation of a Malaria Case-Based Reporting Mobile Application in Myanmar: A Mixed Methods Study

14 October 2020: Dr Win Htike


Using systems serology to identify features of protective immunity to malaria

11 November 2020: Dr Elizabeth Aitken


Effective science communication: giving a brilliant (online) talk

09 December 2020: Dr Jen Martin


Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of tafenoquine co-administered with dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the radical cure (anti-relapse) of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Indonesia – INSPECTOR study

16 December 2020: Prof Kevin Baird


Malaria parasite trafficking defect: weird knobs, vesicle pile-up and failure to deliver a virulence factor

17 March 2021: Ms Olivia Carmo


Super-resolution fluorescence imaging of rhoptries reveals essential role for PfCERLI1 in Plasmodium falciparum merozoite invasion of erythrocytes

17 March 2021: Dr Sonja Frolich


The role of Kelch 13 protein in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

17 March 2021: Ms Madel Tutor


G6PD activity in individuals with and without malaria

01 April 2021: Dr Benedikt Ley


Quality control of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets: Are we neglecting it?

14 April 2021: Dr Stephan Karl


Retargeting azithromycin as an antimalarial with dual mechanisms of action

28 April 2021: Dr Danny Wilson


Biomarker based diagnosis of severe malaria in African children

26 May 2021: Dr James Watson


Optimising primaquine treatment regimens for paediatric vivax malaria

07 July 2021: Dr Brioni Moore


Understanding the factors underlying malaria resurgence in East Sepik, Papua New Guinea: a preliminary analysis

21 July 2021: Dr Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez


PAVE: Implementation research needs between pipeline and policy

01 September 2021: Dr Caroline Lynch


Opening the policy black box: Unravelling the process for changing diagnostic and treatment guidelines for vivax malaria in seven countries

15 September 2021: Ms Varunika Ruwanpura


Options Assessment Toolkit: Assisting Asia Pacific National Malaria Programs for optimized radical cure of vivax malaria

15 September 2021: Dr Manash Shrestha


ACREME Annual Meeting

25-26 October 2021