ACREME Data Resources

The Australian Centre of Research Excellence in Malaria Elimination (ACREME) is a network of leading malaria researchers dedicated to achieving the goal of eliminating malaria in our region by 2030. The purpose of this project is to advance ACREME’s collaborative clinical research across the three major themes of surveillance, diagnostics, and treatment and prevention, by creating a sustainable, interactive ACREME Bio-databank, bringing information on biological samples and availability of associated clinical and demographic data variables together in a searchable electronic database.

Use the Bio-databank to search study and sample sets generated through ACREME Investigators’ research. You may also use the filter function for each of the variables to filter and find study / sample sets, view their data availability and what each study can offer, to assist in identifying opportunities and operationalising potential research questions.

If you have data sets that you would like to be included in the ACREME Bio-databank, please contact Jessie Kingston.